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The war machine keeps rolling on. US plans to transfer military equipment from Afghanistan to Ukraine

After 13 years at war in Afghanistan (America’s longest-ever overseas war), and with more than 2,000 US casualties and over $1 trillion spent in an effort to rid the world of terrorists, Taliban, or simply control the opium trade, it’s time to move on, and move weapons over to the next project of chaos, Ukraine.

Weapons out of Afghanistan. Weapons into Ukraine.

For it’s part Kabul is against Washington’s decision to transfer weapons left from its military mission over to Ukraine, an Afghan presidential administration official told TASS News Agency. The issue will be discussed with Obama, he added.

Via RT:

American specialists in Afghanistan are currently preparing US army MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles to be transferred to Ukraine, according to the information obtained by the Afghan presidential administration. The US combat mission command refuses to discuss the issue with Kabul, saying the White House is in charge, a representative of Ashraf Ghani’s administration told the agency.

Ghani will raise the question during his visit to Washington in January. He plans to urge Obama not to move the equipment to Ukraine, the agency’s source said. “The issue is directly connected with sustaining the country’s strategic partnership with the US,” the official added.

Washington has previously ensured Kabul that the US military equipment and weapons, used by its combat mission in Afghanistan, will stay in the country to be employed by the Afghan army and law enforcement, according to the official. He added the country planned to use it in strengthening its fighting capabilities against Taliban forces in the country’s south.

America is caught in a never ending cycle of war.


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