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Watch CNN’s sick racist rant, trying to connect Islam to the “evil” suppression of women. Luckily logic (and brains) prevail

CNN: pandering to feminists, while fulfilling its State Department propaganda and ISIS/Islam fear mongering objective.

This is why not one thinking person in the world should take anything coming out of CNN’s blowhole seriously.

Scholar and author Reza Aslan crushes these brain dead news anchors with clear logic and fact. He also slams Bill Maher for comments he made earlier this weak about muslim violence.

It’s amazing how CNN continuously tries to demonise Islam by blatantly connecting the faith to women’s issues.

The manipulation that CNN is going for is simple…Islam is evil to women.

This is the entire message that CNN is trying to brainwash viewers into believing, and the sad part is that most Facebook zombie, white knight, blue pill viewers will buy into it…regardless of Reza’s superior sense of logic and train of thought.

Now America has more reason to bomb the Middle East to the stone age, because they obviously hate women.

What do you think?

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