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Watch Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby dodge a question from an AP reporter by admitting to bad grades in school…WTF???

This video explains exactly why Obama’s foreign policy is such a failure. Obama has people making geopolitical policy that literally failed history class.

Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby was confronted by AP journalist Matt Lee over NATO moving closer to the Russian borders at the State Department’s daily press briefing on Thursday. The exchange highlights just how little knowledge the guys and gals in charge really have, and also how stubborn and narrow minded they are in their beliefs.

These two are so drunk with power and ego that they are not able to simply admit that Matt Lee is indeed, factually, correct in his statement.

Any person with half a brain can see that…and while we have all been entertained by Jen Psaki’s bimbo’esque answers to press briefing over the past year, Rear Admiral John Kirby just out did Psaki, making Kirby a male bimbo…or mimbo.

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