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Western main stream media’s desperate attempt to make their leaders look like tough guys at the G20 summit

The news cycle this weekend covering the G20 Summit was truly entertaining. Just about every article coming out of the main stream media PR, propaganda machine read something like this (Obama, Cameron, Abbott and Harper are interchangeable in the blank field):

Western leaders’ have no diplomatic or statesman like skills whatsoever. They are puppets who act like children in a playground. Are we really hoping that these buffoons, and their court jesters in the MSM, will find a way to sensibly, logically, and rationally solve our world’s problems in a peaceful manner? God help us all.

Only wimps, hiding under the bravado of tough guy talk, mouth off the way Harper, Abbott, Obama and Cameron did this weekend. They showed a total lack of respect, not only for Putin, but for all the other guests at the G20.

A bully, by definition is someone who talks a lot of trash…until confronted by another man who is not afraid of the power imbalance a bully projects and wields. When faced with such a confrontation, bullies always back down in fear and shame.

In the end Vladimir Putin was quiet, respectful, low key and talked zero trash. Yes zero trash. He showed statesman like manners.

On the other side of the spectrum we had Tony Abbott talking about ‘shirtfronting’ the Russian President.

Think about that for a second. You are the highest state official and diplomat of your nation, about to host world leaders form the most powerful countries on the planet, and you actually say you will ‘shirtfront’ the democratically elected leader of another country. Abbott embarrassed himself and the country he leads.

After all his chest pounding man talk, Abbott gave us this…

Then we have Stephen Harper (that’s the Prime Minister of Canada in case you were wondering) telling Putin during their handshake to ‘get out of Ukraine.’

Maybe Harper should first remove Canadian troops, weapons and support from Ukraine before accusing Putin of similar actions…


Finally we have Obama and Cameron spewing off all kinds of Russophobic tough talk nonsense from scripted teleprompter speeches.

Unfortunately no matter how hard these two guys try, they will never be able to shake off the weakling image they have wholeheartedly deserved. Must we remind the world of this…

Or how about some table tennis in-between drone strikes and coups d’etats.


Now what if we stripped away the Presidency and Prime Minister monikers, and put everyone’s money where their mouth is.

What if Abbott, Harper, Obama and Cameron had to actually follow through on their trash talking of Vladimir Putin with real action? What would happen then?

In the real world, when one man talks that big a game, he better be ready to back it up.

And just in case the four bullies above need a refresher on the man (not the office) they are trying to bully, keep this in mind, Mr. Putin is a black-belt judo master.

He grew up in a communal apartment in post-war St. Petersburg where fighting was essential for survival.

He’s been training in judo since the age of 11 and is a master of sambo, a form of fighting developed by the Red Army in the 1920s. Putin once recounted how he learnt the importance of fighting back from a rat that flew at him after he cornered it with a stick.

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