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Wikileaks founder Assange reveals in new book that Google is in fact working for the U.S. State Department

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange has a new book coming out December 1st where he will go into detail on Google’s cosy relationship with the State Department, as documented during a meeting he had with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen.

According to passages in the book, Assange arrived at the conclusion that Google works for the US government after meeting Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen in 2011. The meeting was also attended by Lisa Shields and Scott Malcomson who turned out to be Washington’s diplomatic envoys.

The WikiLeaks founder, in his book, says he was visited by a group of people 3/4 of whom were representatives of the US State Department and the rest being from Google.

According to Assange, Google provides FBI and CIA with unfettered access to users’ correspondence. Such access can be obtained without the prosecutor’s approval or a court ruling.

More information on the content of the upcoming book from Spanish news site

Schmidt and Cohen had a long conversation with Assange in June 2011, in the English countryside where he was, at the time, under house arrest at Ellingham Hall: where he was introduced to two other people, Lisa Shields and Scott Malcomson, who later revealed themselves as Washington diplomatic advisors. The Obama administration has been relentlessly pursuing the WikiLeaks founder and his organization, subjecting it to a crushing international bank levy.

In his book When Google Met WikiLeaks, Assange not only recounts, in detail the contents of that historic meeting between the two giants of the new internet universe, but he also explains the genesis of that long meeting and the evidence that ultimately lead to his suspicions: “At that moment I realized that it was quite possible that Eric Schmidt was not only a messenger from Google…The delegation that visited me was one fourth Google and three quarters US State Department…”

Among other revelations, the book reveals that Schmidt is not only a genius who has “managed to abstract software engineering principles and turn Google into a mega company, ensuring that the corporate infrastructure was always short of the growth rate “but he is also” president and founder of the New American Foundation, which is a centrist, aggressive and liberal Washington, DC think tank,.”


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