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WTF…Obama’s strategy for ISIS is to sell arms to ISIS and bomb Syria

Yeah this is going to end well. After nearly 13 years since the “war on terror” began, here we are back to bombing Iraq, and now Syria, fighting a new and improved version of Al Qaeda, trained and funded by Obama’s cracker jack team of Washington hipsters.

Any logical person looking at this entire fiasco would come to one of two conclusions:

  1. Washington is full of the dumbest, most incompetent people on the planet or…
  2. America is in such a state of perpetual war that it has to make up bogeyman to justify bombing the planet.

And so Obama laid out his ISIS strategy for the whole world to watch the theater that has become US foreign policy. The take away from the entirely scripted, teleprompter speech was summed up best by zerohedge:

It’s been a week and Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Obama is ready to unveil the ISIS strategy. It appears the plan is to provide arms and training to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels (remember the same ones that ‘were’ moderate and became extreme thanks to being well-armed) at a cost of at least $5bn, save hearts and minds in Iraq (with some more humanitarian shipments), and impose sanctions (yes, Treasury said efforts against ISIS will include finances). No boots-on-the-ground (just advisors) and we are sure some Syrian bombing (whether or not they agree) and do not forget – this is a long-standing commitment…

And then by these tweets:

And finally, we love the whole Yemen, Somalia reference…Black Hawk Down was a great depiction of US success in Somalia. Yemen is an utter mess (see: Yemen: Heading for more conflict?). Working the entire “enslaving many women” angle was also an especially nice touch to win over the hearts of a feminized western society.

Nothing more criminal that doing harm to a woman. Since Obama will have fighter jets in the area, why not bomb the number one country that suppresses, enslaves and abuses women, that being Saudi Arabia?

Never mind the millions of men that will parish in the oncoming war, men are disposable.

This whole ISIS thing is fucking theater at the grandest scale, because it is, and always has been, about Qatar and Saudi oil running up to Europe. Which is why we also have the whole Ukraine / Russia energy crisis playing in theater number 2, all of which was funded with, you guessed it, a $5 Billion US investment for “democracy promotion.”

We leave you once again with the interview of Ken O’Keefe, who, when explaining this new ME war, notes that, “the only people that buy this sort of stuff are either bought off prostitutes or the dumbest of the dumb.”


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