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#YesAllCats highlights the struggles and hardships inflicted on cats from the Petriarchy

#YesAllWomen was started as a response to the Elliot Rodger murders and his 141 page manifesto, in order to fight back against the misogynist world we live in.  According to the Guardian’s feminist champion, Jessica Valenti…

Women have had enough. The stares. The butt-grabs. The little comments. And now this: a man writes a 140-page misogynist manifesto before killing six people, and yet – still – women are called hysterical for insisting this tragedy was driven by sexism.

In the days since Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Isla Vista, California, citing hatred of women and sexual rejection as the reason for his rampage, women across the world have come out en masse to share their stories of everyday sexism and misogyny – and to tell the world that enough is enough. On Twitter, Tumblr and on the streets, women laid bare just how pervasive sexism still is, and shot back against detractors desperate to believe that misogyny had nothing to do with the Rodger rampage.

Not only are the problems highlighted by Ms. Valenti felt by women worldwide, but cats have also had to deal with brutal inequality and discrimination perpetrated by an ever growing, evil Petriarchy.  Support for the cat’s plight has a new home on Twitter with the #YesAllCats hashtag.

Here are some of the best tweets trending right now, that really bring to light the suffering that cats have to deal with, and continue to face on a daily basis.




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